Does Your Business Need Capital Fast? Introducing Clover Capital by uSwipe!

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Running a small business can be challenging. Especially if you are experiencing a shortage of cash flow. But who has time to apply for a loan? All the paper work and hassle only to find out you aren’t qualified. And who has time to wait 3-4 weeks for funding? Now getting cash or working capital for your business doesn’t have to be a hassle. Introducing Clover Capital by uSwipe! Now you can get the cash you need in as little as 3-5 business days by turning your future credit card sales into working capital.

  • Turn Your Sales into Extra Capital – Sure you’re a small business. But that doesn’t mean you don’t dream big. That’s where Clover Capital can help.
  • Fast Application Process Standard loans aren’t for everyone. And they definitely aren’t simple, one-page applications like Clover Capital.
  • Get Funded Quickly Not only is applying fast and easy, once you’re approved you’ll see cash in your account within just 5-7 days.

Imagine what you can do with that extra cash! Renovate or remodel your business, stock up on inventory, launch a new marketing campaign, or order new equipment, the possibilities are endless! Getting your cash is fast and easy too. It’s just a simple application and 3 step process to get funding in as little as 3-5 days.

Ready to get your cash?




To start, just tell us a bit about you and your business. It’s quick. Besides, you’ve got other things on your plate today. Apply Now


Get qualified

Your cash advance amount is based on your average monthly Visa/MasterCard processing. Brilliant, right?


Repay based on your sales

Now you won’t get stuck with a fixed payment that your current sales can’t support.

You can learn more or start your application by visiting Get the capital you need to grow your business today!

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