Getting Back Into Work Mode After the Three Day Weekend

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Everyone loves a three day weekend. Some extra R&R can do wonders for your mental and emotional state. However, returning to work after a longer than normal hiatus certainly has it’s drawbacks and dragging your mind back from vacation mode can be pretty difficult on your first day back.

Don’t worry -we’ve got you covered! Here are some tried and true tips to help you get back in the game after a long holiday break:

1. Change your mindset.

Although it may be tempting to let your mind linger on the party you went to the day before, spend some time preparing your mind for productivity by visualizing a time when you felt at your most efficient. Use that memory as inspiration for how to approach any work related issues that need to be addressed throughout the day and keep yourself mentally on track by celebrating small accomplishments.

2. Map out your day.

At the start of your day, take a moment to create a “to-do” list. Jot down all the things you want to get accomplished before the end of the day and take it one task at a time. Prioritize the tasks that are most important and start with those, working your way down the list. Keep the list near by, to help you stay organized and keep your attention focused on what needs to be accomplished.

3. Get a head start.

If possible, get to work 20-30 minutes earlier than normal. This will give you the chance to either get a head start on time sensitive projects or to help ease yourself into the workday with a distraction free environment. Whether you start a project, or just grab a cup of coffee and organize your work space, you’ll be feeling prepared for whatever the day has in store.

4. Check in with your Boss.

A quick meeting with your boss can be especially motivating. Touch base with your superior to find out what they would like to see being made a priority. Not only will you have a better idea of what your goals for the day should be, you’ll be showing initiative and investment in your job.

5. Give yourself a break.

The post three day weekend rut can be almost impossible to avoid sometimes. Give yourself a break if you’re still not feeling 100%. Make sure you are taking small breaks to stretch, drink some water or get some fresh air and remind yourself that you’ll be back on track in no time.


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