Homebase: Making Life Easier for You and Your Staff


Scheduling, managing and tracking hourly shifts can require a whole lot of time and paperwork. Just the nature of hourly work can be unpredictable and stressful for you and your staff, leaving plenty of room for errors and misunderstandings.

Luckily, Homebase is offering a free labor management app with everything you need to take the headache out of scheduling and payroll management. Best of all, it can all be done with your Clover Mini!

What are some of the features you will love about your Homebase app?

  1. Business owners can now create and publish work schedules from any computer at anytime, making employee scheduling convenient and accessible.
  2. Easily track employee breaks, receive alerts when an employee hasn’t clocked in for their scheduled shift or when a staff member is approaching overtime.
  3. Oversee hour by hour labor and sales info from your smart phone, helping you to better maintain accurate records for payroll, compliance and gain a better understanding of how your business is preforming.

Your staff will love it too. With Homebase, your employees can:

  1. Receive automatic notifications as soon as their work schedule is published via text and email.
  2. View their schedule, request shift trades and manage their availability all from a free mobile Homebase app on their smart phones.
  3. Easily clock in and out of shifts directly via the Homebase app on your Clover Mini.

Homebase aims to take the pain out of scheduling and payroll management for you and your staff. These essential tools will help maintain better communication, accurate record keeping and will leave you wondering how your business ever lived without it! Get back to doing what you love and let Homebase and the Clover Mini take care of the rest!

Haven’t looked into the Clover Mini yet? No problem!

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