How Do I Make Money?  

It's simple! Just enter a little contact info into your personalized database app.

The more business owners or managers that you know, the more money you can make - up to $200 each! Simply type their name and email address. That's all!

Once you hit 'Send', they receive a short email presentation and a link to receive their free revolutionairy Clover Point-of-Sale system.

Our portal lets you control how much money you earn!

The more businesses you key in, the more money you make. You're in control!

Think about it!...Your hairstylist, dentist, your brother or friend that's an accountant...the list goes on and on! Which means lots of money for you!

The emailed presentation includes all the information they need!

You don't have to learn about our products or try to sell their business something. Our presentation includes it all for you.

Our state of the art credit card equipment is replacing every old card machine in the industry. The equipment integrates a credit card machine with an unlimited and exclusive app market and accepts every type of payment.

Imagine their business will now be able to do things like...

  • Accept Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Paypal
  • Accept EMV Cards
  • Learn customer's buying habits with the analytical app
  • Help manage the business with time-clock manager, inventory control, gift cards and more.

  Let's Get Paid!  

Getting paid has never felt so good - especially after you see how easy it is.

Watch the checks roll in...$200 bonus for each new account.

How it works

1 Identify the business owners or managers that you know.
2 Type their contact info into your portal.
3 The business will receive an invitation in their email with more information about our product.
4 They provide some additional business information to accept the invitation for the free equipment.
5 We ship their equipment and send you $200.
6 Repeat the process to earn $200 for each account.

Program Summary

It really is simple to help the businesses in your community become compliant with the latest mandates. We'll help them update their technology, save them money on a service they are already paying pay, plus we offer award winning customer support.
Millions of businesses need to up their credit card processing equipment to comply with new mandates.
We offer FREE equipment with the latest technology to business owners across the nation.
You simply enter the contact info of the business you know into our web-app.
Our corporate office helps the business setup the account and update their equipment (for FREE!).
You get $200 for referring the account.

See what others have to say about our program...

“After talking to just a few of the businesses owners that I know, I was able to setup 4 new accounts in one week! That extra upfront money got my savings account back on track.”     -Josephina V. from New Mexico
“I helped my brothers and uncle get new equipment in each of their stores and make nearly $700 per month. I'm so glad I came across this program.”     -Valerie L. from Washington

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